Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the publication in the Squalen Bulletin cost?

A: Squalen Bulletin is free of charges. It is made possible by the volunteering work of editors and reviewers to ensure a high quality journal based on rigorous review process.


Q: What is the accreditation status of Squalen Bulletin?

A: Squalen Bulletin is currently accredited as Sinta 1 up to 2025 based on the Decree of the Ministry of Research and Technology number 148/M/KPT/2020.


Q: What is the impact factor of Squalen Bulletin?

A: The impact factor of Squalen Bulletin is 0.194 based on the SJR value released by Scimago in 2022.


Q: What is the rejection rate for submitted articles in Squalen Bulletin?

A: As per 2021, our rejection rate was 79%.


Q: How long does it take to get first decision at Squalen Bulletin?

A: As per 2020, the average first decision (initial submission to editor decision) was 3.4 weeks. Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 impact, the reviewing process at the Squalen Bulletin potentially lead to  unexpected delays.


Q: What is the publication frequency of Squalen Bulletin?

A: Squalen Bulletin publishes research and review articles three times per year on May, August and December.


Q: Where can I find the article template?

A: Article template for Squalen Bulletin can be found here: Please familiarise yourself with the general guidelines here:


Q: How do I submit online?

A: Please access this link:


Q: I cannot access the journal website. How do I submit my article?

A: Please send your manuscript to and we will help you to submit it through the OJS.


Q: What documents that need to be prepared for the manuscript submission?

A: Please attach the following documents with your manuscript: cover letter, author statement and ethical clearance (if applicable).


Q: What is the status of my submitted manuscript?

A: Please log in to your personal OJS account to track your article.


Q: What is the word limit for an article submitted to Squalen Bulletin?

A: The word limit (excluding references) for a research or review article is 4000-5000 words and 6000-8000 words, respectively.


Q: Are you accepting papers from countries other than Indonesia?

A: Definitely, we are currently receiving papers written by authors from all around the world. Please make sure that your paper fits our aims and scope. Our publication is free of charge and is open access. Please find more info regarding Squalen Bulletin aims and scopes here:


Q: Our article has not been added in the Scopus list. What to do?

A: Scopus is an Elsevier product; the indexation of articles is entirely their responsibility. To request for the addition of missing articles in Scopus, please click here:


Q: How do I become reviewer or a member of editorial board of Squalen Bulletin?

A: Please send your CV highlighting your expertise and research experience to Dr. Tatty Yuniarti, ST. M.Si  at