Squalen Bulletin invites scholars to submit a special issue proposal.  The purpose of the special issue is to provide collection of articles on a specific topic within the scope of marine and fisheries post-harvest and biotechnology that is of high interest to the readers. Squalen Bulletin publishes original research articles and reviews three times a year by the Research Center for Marine and Fisheries Product Processing and Biotechnology, Indonesia. 

Proposals are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  1. The theme of the proposal should provide significance, novelty and current relevance in the field of marine and fisheries postharvest and biotechnology.
  2. Topic is within the scope of the journal, preferably includes three subject areas: marine and fisheries postharvest, biotechnology and food safety.
  3. Previous editorial experience of the guest editor(s).
  4. Schedules on delivering the final product within the proposed deadline.

Please provide the following information in the proposal

  1. A brief outline (< 500 words) of the topics in the proposed theme, including the significance, novelty, purpose and current relevance in the field of marine and fisheries postharvest and biotechnology.
  2. A strategy for obtaining papers according to the standard of the Squalen Bulletin.
  3. A brief resume of the proposed Guest Editor(s) highlighting expertise in the chosen topic and previous experience in editorial work.
  4. List of potential peer-reviewers.
  5. A proposed call-for-papers.
  6. A proposed timeline including submission deadline and completion of the editorial process.

Roles of Guest Editor(s)

  1. Circulates the call for papers for the special issue and invite submissions.
  2. Manages the editorial process in coordination with the Editor in Chief including assigning reviewers, collating reviews, communicating with authors, making editorial decisions.
  3. Provides a brief editorial for the chosen topic.
  4. Provides a timeline for the manuscript preparation, review process and final submission. 


For any inquiry, please contact Dr. Ariyanti S. Dewi, Editor-in-Chief of Squalen Bulletin, at